Be Amazing!

"You don't have to be perfect to be amazing" - live it girls! I am, and you all are - AMAZING!

As a perfectionist as soon as I saw this quote I needed to bring it to life! I put such a huge level of pressure on myself to be perfect - for my art to be perfect, for my parenting to be perfect..for my garden to be perfect!'s unrealistic and unhealthy. Since having my 2nd babe, I've come to realize that it's not worth my time or energy to keep pursuing this level of perfection. I've decided to embrace what I have, my lackluster cooking, my weedy garden, my someone lax baby body and with my art to embrace my style - coz it's so much easier to be myself than someone else!


  • Brilliant message hun – just got this print for a family member and can’t wait to give it to her – the perfect message for anyone……specially us mums :-)

  • Love it!

  • Your one amazing lady!
    All of the products we have are stunning. Totally blown away by your talent x

    kerri birdthistle

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