// easynight Blackout Blinds from Sleepytot NZ //

easynight Blackout Blinds from Sleepytot NZ

These Easy Night (portable) Blackout Blinds from Sleepytot New Zealand​ are absolutely fantastic! Here is a quick video to show you how easy they are to put up - take down, and how DARK they make their room! It blimmin fantastic! My Mr slept in till 8am two days in a row, and went to sleep within 20mins both nights. WIN for me!! Bedtime is such a struggle, as well as getting them to settle and shut off during the day for naps - especially in this summer sun and heat. 

These blackout blinds actually make the room completely black - we use them in conjunction with our Grow Clock - and it's working a treat! We are moving the kids in together these holidays - and with this Blind, some of the stress surrounding that is lifting, knowing that at least one of them is going to be able to sleep! I'm actually not dreading it as much as I was last week! (but I still want to wait till after christmas to do it hahahaha #procrastinating.

Anyhoo - watch my short video below on how easy it is to put up these blinds, I will also put a step by step instructions below (excuse my awkwardness!!)



Instructions on how to put up the Easy Night Black out blinds (well how I did it!)

- Remove contents from the bag
- Take out the black out blind and hold it up to your window, you want to have a decent amount to be able to wrap around the edges of your window
- Place your suction cups (or you can use 3M velcro) on your window, in the places that you think will take the weight of the blind best.) I did all 4 corners, two more at the top (to have 4 across) and then two more in the middle.
- If you think  your blind is the correct size for your window you can then get ready to place your black velcro patches. If like me, you think you need to cut the blind down, make sure you measure twice.
- Place your black velcro patches on the suction cups
- Hold up your blind (tight) and press it onto the window. (This was the easiest way to do it)
- Make sure you have allowed enough space to have extra on top, bottom and sides. I rolled the extra at the bottom underneath.

- And Voila! That's it! To take it down you just carefully pull the parts of velcro apart. I leave the suction cups on the window - and fold up the blind and place back in the bag or in a drawer.

That's it guys - literally so easy! 




Here are some details from the SleepyTot website;

Our newest blackout blind is ideal for travelling and when out and about.  Light enough to carry with you in its own handy bag, its suction cups make it versatile for use anywhere.

Includes strong suction cups for use on any window.  Easynight(TM) can also be used with 3M Command(TM) Strips, not included, on the window frame.

Features and Sizes

easynightTM black blackout material is silvered on one side for better light and heat reflection.

Lightweight, this fabric weighs 170g per square metre

Easily cut to size with scissors, if you wish, or it can be kept large to fit different size windows.

Now available in 4 sizes:

  • Regular:  1.5m x 1.45m, includes 8x self-adhesive wide loop strips and 8x strong suction cups
  • Large:  2m x 1.45m, includes 10x self-adhesive wide loop strips and 10x strong suction cups
  • Extra Large:  2.3m x 1.45m, includes 10x self-adhesive wide loop strips and 10x strong suction cups
  • XX Large: 3m x 1.45,  includes 20x loop strips, 20x hook discs and 16x suction cups

EasynightTM can also be used with 3M Command(TM) Strips, not included, which are suitable for use on both wooden and upvc window frames.

New: Now also includes self-adhesive hook discs which can be used on upvc window frames.  These can be used instead of, or in addition to, the suction cups. These are ideal for more permanent use, for example at home or wherever the blind will be used regularly.


Purchase here: https://sleepytot.co.nz/baby/product/easynight-portable-black-out-blind/ 

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