Choose joy


We all have those days. The days where everything seems too much, and all you can think of is the million and one jobs you need to do, while you sit there annoyed about something that happened the other the same time the kids are fighting.. there's noise. So much noise. Noise in the room and noise in your head. And you can't handle. I feel like it's been like that most days lately.

Us mums have SO much noise in our heads. Mulling over everything we need to do, who we need to care for, help and teach. Trying to keep ourselves presentable, not look like the mess our heads are in. And try and keep it all together. Did you know that women take on the majority of the emotional needs of a family? And we often don't verbalise them to our partners. Good communication is key to not letting these unspoken emotions and 'tasks' get out of hand.

So I choose joy. I choose to share that joy with my kids and my husband. Even though I don't most days - I'm choosing it. I want the good things to shine through the hard day's. And my hope is that my kids will choose it too. And that this cycle of frustration and general grumpiness will end, and we will be able to get through these phases in life.

Are you going to choose joy?



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