Embrace your Mumbod

I've had such an overwhelming response to this post over on my Instagram - that I wanted to share it here as well. Some amazing mums gave me the confidence to first share it there, and now I understand the importance of sharing it wide.

Loving your post baby body is pretty hard stuff. Everything is a different size, shape and texture even! I weigh 10kgs more than I did before kids. I'm jiggly and rolly. But you know what!? I grew two babies! I have the tiger marks to prove it. I know I need to work on myself a bit - but I'm learning to love this new body! My main goal for 2017 is to learn to love my body, and myself more. To value myself more, and to RELAX. To not let others impact my decisions, my thoughts and especially how I think of myself. Which is hard to do in this media society, full of perfect (retouched) images, models showing off how fast they snapped back into their pre-baby body. Weight loss success stories (which is of course fine!) and all the diet fads that are always circling around.

So I thought I should share the real me! On my social media you mostly see selfies or me in loose (not form fitting clothing). But this is the real me! Pasty white jiggly thighs..Pasty jiggly rolly tummy - but you know what!? Hubby loves me, my children love me, my family and friends love me! So what anyone else thinks doesn't even matter one little bit! I encourage you to try and love your post baby body! And to even share about it too, to not be afraid to pop up those swimming pictures you took these holidays. To take away the pressure we have as mums to snap back into our previous baby bodies! We aren't models. But we can model what real looks like! We need to be confident for our friends, our daughters! They need to know that 'real' bodies are totally fine, that they don't have to have a paper thin waist, stick legs, flat tummy - to be beautiful! We are all created unique and we are our own beautiful. So this is what i'm working on this year, and I hope you can too! I encourage you to begin to change your self-image and remember how beautiful we all are! Either post or pre babies! LOVE YOURSELF! <3

Ps. New togs really help the confidence! :P (mine are from Cotton On Body)


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