Have courage & be kind!

"Have courage & be kind"

Something we should all remind ourselves - each day. Wake up - say it. Go to bed - say it. I illustrated this up for a lovely mumma who also runs her own business like me. I know sometimes it's easy to open your mouth and just let it all roll out, to not think, but sometimes that's the worst thing you can do.

We are all busy, our lives are crazy, we have hard days and good days, we're stressed out, tired, trying to get it all together. Some of us are mummas (& daddas), some run businesses and households - we all have our craziness going on - and don't need judgment or someone to make a comment that is unjustified.
I think ending with this week coming to an end we should all make note to remember to be KIND, and THINK about what we are saying, esp on Social Media. Words can hurt.

So - BE KIND, have COURAGE and have a fantastic end to your week! I will be powering out some angel pegs and trying to get my messy household in order, after a week flying solo with the hubby away. And as always - be your amazing selves lovelies!


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  • Your one amazing lady x


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