Body image is something pretty much every woman struggles with at some point in their life. My whole life there's always been one thing or another that I wasn't happy with - about my body. I was too short, my calves were too muscley, my skin was bad..too thin. Too heavy. Big arms. Flabby tummy. Stretch marks. Extra skin, no boobs..the list goes on. 

This year I want to actually do something about it. So this pic isn't as much to share with you, but to keep myself accountable. To keep getting fit, to keep moving, and eating smart. 
Hubby got me a @garmin vivo sport to help me stay active. It actually tells me to MOVE. It's amazing. I got some workout gear, a skipping rope..and I'm trying to keep active. It's hard. I loathe exercise. I think I laugh at myself more than anything. I think I look ridiculous haha. Esp skipping 😂. But I need to get fit, to tone and lose my baby weight.

I'm not big by any means. We all how our own goals, for me this is the biggest I have ever been. I'm only 5ft 2" so I'm on the heavy side of health. I have a really fast metabolism and I'm so lucky I'm not bigger than I am. I used to eat so bad. Or not at all..then binge on bad food. I don't want to lose a dress size. I just want to tone. So here's hoping I can actually stick to this and get fit! 
Anyone else have the same goal this year? Want to join me?

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  • It is because of the standard that has been set on social media. But I tell you, for the right person? You are perfect as you are.



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