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Do your kids (or you) suffer from itchy, dry, sensitive ecezma prone skin? Do you feel like you've tried everything but they still break out in patches? My kids have suffered from ecezma since they were born, reacting to foods mainly but especially to soaps and fragrances. After eliminating dairy and other irritants they had they were both still coming out in raised, red, itchy patches all over. Numerous doctors and specialist appointments we still weren't closer to working it out. 

Then someone suggested Itchy Baby co to me! Someone actually messaged me on instagram and offered to send me an unopened pack of the goats Milk and coconut bath soak. There are so many good people out there! We got it and tried it as soon as it came. And even after one soak in it the kids patches were less inflamed - was amazing. I have to be honest I was a little hesitant as I was unsure of something so natural would actually help. As we'd been down the heavy steroid track..BUT I was so pleasently surprised that it worked for us.

We now use the bathroom soak for every bath, no soap. And then moisturize with their coconut oil moisturizer. Which soaks right on to moisten those rough patches.

So you totally need to go and try these for yourself! I even use the soak for my baths (when I have time for them!) And the moisturiser on my face. They also have a new face mask with vitamin E and coconut. Amazing. Perfect to help heal my acne skin.

I'm running a giveaway over on my personal instagram @moo_and_miss to WIN a hamper of awesome goodies from Itchy Baby Co! Si head on over there now to enter!!

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