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// KIDS CALM // 

Oneof those days again. I think the bad weather has a lot to do with moods of little children. Being cooped up inside is like the worst for them. I was almost at the end of what I could cope and I have some of this to the kids this afternoon. To be honest I used to give it to my toddler daily when Miss was born coz it was the only way both of us could cope. A total life saver.
Now with 2 kids. Two grumpy, sassy, know it all kids. I need this stuff. It's like a hug in a bottle. When they won't take a hug from you.

Not only does it offer amazing emotional support - it is also great for digestion. We found out about this stuff from my sister in law when my Mr was about 1 and we used it to help with his reflux and sleep. To be able to find something natural that helps with so much - it's gold in a bottle.

Today this has taken the edge off - they kids are able to function without losing their minds, the sun is finally out and they are running around like crazy chickens outside. 👐👐 

Youcan find it pharmacies and health stores. They have an amazing range, and we have all of the kids products! Go check out @kiwiherb for their awesome range of kids (and adults) natural health range xx

Head to: to see their full range!

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