New Haakaa Pump!!

Lovelies this post is totally dedicated to boobies – that’s right – booooobs. Ya’ll have seen that I already LOVE my Haakaa pump! It is so simple and easy to use, and just perfect for pumping while still playing with the toddler.
We have been lucky enough to try out the NEW larger Haakaa pump and the amazing flower stopper – so ya know, your toddler doesn’t spill your precious milk everywhere! And I have to tell ya! It’s amazing. Not that I expected anything less.
The new larger size means you can pump a full feed, and save for later – or pop straight into a bottle and feed your babe. I popped this new one on this morning and was pleasantly surprised that it was even more fantastic than it’s smaller predecessor. I managed to get 130ml in 10mins from ONE boob! Whaaat? That’s enough for me to mix up my babes Gavsicon 4 x over + an extra top up at night. (coz ya’ll know my babe is a spewer.) The new pump can hold over 150mls!
It is also great for popping on your other boob while you’re feeding, so you don’t lose any milk when you get a let down. It’s still an awesome size and makes this easy to do while feeding your babe.
Comparison between the new and the old pump

I have nothing but good things to say about this pump! It is just so wonderful to use, no noise, no chords and so easy. Just pop it on your boob and squeeze and bobs your uncle! I pump in the morning when I have the most milk, and I can still have my coffee, pump and play with my toddler – all at once. There is no way I am going back to my loud, huge (hard to clean) electric pump. This Haakaa pump does everything and more than I need. It truly makes pumping enjoyable – and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested.

Their new flower stoppers are also such a fantastic idea! When you’re finished pumping you just pop that bad boy in the neck nice and tight, and voila! Your milk is safe from toddlers, or you trying to reach your cold coffee that you forgot about! And best of all for me, you can just pop it in the fridge, and its all ready to go for the next medicine top up.

And there is even more awesomeness in this new pump – it has a suction cup base! I know right!? Like how awesome is that! I love that I can pop in the stopper, and suction it down on the coffee table next to me, and not have to get up and put it in the fridge straight away. So convenient – and totes great for my lazy morning routine 😛

So if you’re not already convinced, you should be – coz this pump is even more awesome than Haakaas already awesome pump! Ok that’s all about boobs for today – but I just needed to share how awesome this pump is!

Pumps RRP $29.90 (which is a BARGAIN!) – preorders open 10/10/16
Flower Stoppers $11.50

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