Pepper & Me

Have you guys heard of Pepper & Me spice pastes and grinds? Man if you haven't you are totally missing out! They are especially made for lactating mummas! (like me) and can also be consumed by non lactating daddas and kids. They are AMAZEBALLS. Like your dinners will actually taste yum! And a big plus for me, they help to increase your milk supply!!

I'm so excited to get my second order of these bad boys! My favourite paste is the Mexellent Milkshakes, which is a Mexician paste. And those that know me, know I LOVE Mexican! Coming in close second would have to be both the Mo'rocckin my Milk and Tit'illating Tandoori. All of them are just delicious and make fantastic, flavoursome meals. Great for the whole family! The Whatevz Mum grind is great as a salt/flavour topping on pretty much any meal. We have used it on salads, chicken, red meat..anything!

We have just tried the Man grind and Man Rub - and both hubby and I have given it a big tick of approval! It's fantastic, just like the rest of their products.

So this Christmas think about getting something a bit different - support NZ made, Mum Made and buy some delicious flavours for your friends and family as gifts! Or if you want - just for you!

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