// Slip, slop and slap this summer! //

// Slip, slop and slap this summer! //

We have been lucky enough to try the new Frankie Apothecary SPF 50 natural sunscreen! And it's amazing! It's gentle enough for those sensitive babes (my two suffer from ecezma) and strong enough for the NZ rays. We're sorted this summer with the SPF 50 protection from Frankie Apothecary. This summer's meant to be a hot one, so make sure you and your family are protected from the sun. Slip some protective clothes on you and your babes, slop on some sunscreen and slip on a hat! We love our linen bonnet from Buck and Baa - another NZ made business. It's all about supporting small!


You can find the sunscreen here: http://www.frankieapothecary.co.nz/product/sunscreen

Buck and baa bonnet here: https://buckandbaa.com/collections/capsule-linen-bonnet




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