Wooden Print Hangers - Damage Free

Wooden Print Hangers - Damage Free


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Wooden Print Hangers - Damage Free

Available in sizes; A5, A4, A3 and A2. (With white rope*)

These Print Hangers are made out of Sustainable New Zealand Pine, manufactured to our requirements by a NZ favourite business.

They magnetise together clamping the Print between them without the need to puncture the Print. They consist of back and front rails on the top and bottom. With white rope to hang.


 *you can change to rope of your choice yourself if you wish (as per the first photo, where I have used brown twine)


Please note these Print Hangers should not damage the print, but we will not be held accountable for any misuse or damage caused by them. If you wipe the magnets do so with a dry cloth not wet. Unsure they are hung evenly to avoid any creasing to the Prints and that the Rope is in the slots and knots pushed out of the way at the back. 

Please remember that Magnets can be dangerous to children and pets so ensure the Hangers are always out of reach of put away when not being used. Do not try to remove the Magnets and dispose of them if the magnets get damaged. 

Prints not included, only shown as examples.